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An opinion that is based nothing logical or reasonable, and instead is based solely on your ignorance and hatred of gay people.

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Free pics nude girls costa rica
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Faegis 08.04.2018
Not that shocking ....
JoJolrajas 15.04.2018
No. You mean YOUR interpretation of it.
Zolonris 23.04.2018
All's time to.........
Zolojinn 24.04.2018
Hey Jaye. Very seductive avvi. Love that color!!
Murn 25.04.2018
Just stole another one from you GL...yeah!
Kajora 27.04.2018
I agree with that one.
Shaktijora 30.04.2018
I thought it made me god like yourself.
Malanos 01.05.2018
Funny how all of the "glitches" only hit conservatives.
Ducage 06.05.2018
What can make you act without apology or regret?
Mejind 14.05.2018
I am with ya sister!!
Dazshura 18.05.2018
Explain how science can become a God to someone.
Kajilmaran 19.05.2018
He is clearly nicer than god in the bible
Dikazahn 24.05.2018
You cant dumb down something of no substance.
Daigal 02.06.2018
wow, thought females would go for widow
Gulkree 11.06.2018
I walk in humility.

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