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No I am Not the I AM, nor will I ever be or want to be. I am just a lowly servant of the Most High God, and a born again child of His by His Love, Grace and Mercy. He is from Everlasting! YOU sadly are very DECEIVED! I hope you REPENT and HUMBLE yourself and turn to the ONLY Savior there is and receive His free gift of Salvation from YOUR sins. He died for you even though you deny Him. Wake up, time is short, and eternity is forever either in heaven or hell, which is totally your choice! I hope you fall on your knees in gratitude to Him and pray that He will forgive you and SAVE your soul. He is the ONLY way out of your deception. SEEK Him and CALL out to HIM, He hears your thoughts and every word you say so watch your mouth. His name is Jesus Christ. I pray you will come to Him TODAY, before it is too late.

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Gas Powerd Toys
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Tojin 16.04.2018
The T-shirt in question can be found on Amazon...
Meztilrajas 19.04.2018
English isn't your first language, is it?
Grozil 24.04.2018
You look so beautiful :)
Voodoonris 26.04.2018
Proving only that there's a sucker born every minute.
Yozshuzshura 28.04.2018
Armaggedon is a place not time!
Gobar 28.04.2018
Her complaint seems reasonable.
Dile 04.05.2018
You can be a Christian. Your business cannot.
Digar 11.05.2018
So, then why not more amputees?
Voodoogore 18.05.2018
Where do you get this victim schtick?
Voodoolkis 25.05.2018
Thought I?d tell you I might be leaving
Nikorn 02.06.2018
Ahh you?re the Architect!!
Maurg 10.06.2018
Imperfect men invented all gods.
Jujin 17.06.2018
Putin himself will personally intervene.
Daizuru 24.06.2018
Honesty I like it!!!!????????????
Gole 03.07.2018
his digging to find the drain?
Vilrajas 12.07.2018
who? can change in a closed private room ?

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