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My dirty angels riley ray

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Well, I think that's usually because they can't rid themselves of the one, true religion doctrine that teaches them that to question or to discard their religion equates to questioning and discarding their salvation. Their group holds a theological gun to their head, so that they fear that losing their religion, or even questioning it, will damn them to eternal torment. Luckily, I got around that because the new material that I was discovering from Jungian psychology, comparative religion, Eastern religion, Buddhism, etc. opened my eyes sufficiently that I realized that all religions have a kernel of truth, and so Catholicism's claim to one and only was false.

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My dirty angels riley ray
My dirty angels riley ray
My dirty angels riley ray
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Nasida 08.04.2018
A rape baby with three parents.
Gutaxe 17.04.2018
Good to see you as always Mr Holiday
Arataur 26.04.2018
This might be the best comment I?ve ever seen.
Vole 01.05.2018
I?ve thinks it?s great......................??
Vitaxe 07.05.2018
you're at sixes and sevens mate
Malabar 11.05.2018
I'm curious. did he have an Australian accent?
Mezigul 18.05.2018
The hypocrisy is unreal.
Doujas 26.05.2018
Awe thank you handsome.
Dajind 03.06.2018
It means he thinks he's being clever.
Doujora 04.06.2018
God bless America and all our troops! ????
Kajiramar 14.06.2018
Thats a lot of cleaning up.
Gardashicage 21.06.2018
"I don?t need to tolerate stupidity."

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