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We've been doing it at our own expense since WWII. Time for you to chip in for your own safety and welfare. Something you freeloaders have never done.

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Majind 11.08.2018
It didn't take much digging.
Mebei 17.08.2018
And can be considered a tool.
Akizilkree 18.08.2018
I'll take a look then lol :)
Fegore 27.08.2018
Ok. I can help you if you want. XD
Gardagor 27.08.2018
It's like you cannot read...
Mazule 06.09.2018
How is that the key word?
Nimi 15.09.2018
do we really know anybody here------ just saying
Kabei 21.09.2018
No worries a gal did it, move along
Mazumuro 29.09.2018
I shaved just for you ??????
Yogami 08.10.2018
could you just scroll up instead??
Zulukinos 14.10.2018
"That almost exactly what i told you"

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