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I also am happy to be not working, and retired at nearly 70, after three major careers, but the good days outweighed the bad. The worst are unmentionable, but I'll note there are much worse things than death. The challenge is to meet things with equanimity, and learn to separate work from life, a challenge I met badly. I now volunteer in related field and consult with administrators, usually off the books, when they find themselves in over their head on something. .

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Bf 165 from jporn se lq
Bf 165 from jporn se lq
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Tetilar 18.05.2018
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Jut 20.05.2018
Has nothing changed in 250 years?
Sazragore 23.05.2018
Those are your ideas, not mine.
Kirg 02.06.2018
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