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Because in their ideology, ?government is not the solution - government is the problem?. This ideology expresses itself in everything from the ongoing destruction of the EPA (Environmental _______ Agency?? I can?t tell anymore) to the cheers from the NRA over the Florida guy shooting to death a guy who pushed him down.

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Granny shaved free nude
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Shakashura 28.06.2018
procreating is the better term out of love.
Akinogrel 08.07.2018
Feet don't do much for me
Dabei 17.07.2018
Truth is always disgusting to a fool.
Migal 24.07.2018
Lots of things are very well written.
Nirr 30.07.2018
I hear ya, man
Faezuru 03.08.2018
The good thing about Chicago shootings: fewer Chicagoans.
Zuluramar 11.08.2018
ha ha goodern right there by golly
Zulkitaxe 11.08.2018
Who do you see as simple minded folk?
Gojin 20.08.2018
True. He will have to take the 5th.
Dainris 27.08.2018
Hey AnTHORnia how are you today.
Kigazahn 02.09.2018
That song is really gross with my deviant imagination.
Arashidal 03.09.2018
Did you miss the "+"?
Brajin 10.09.2018
Might want to look up that word.
Damuro 16.09.2018
Doesn't sound like that patient had an eye.
Shak 21.09.2018
Fark! I?m never getting out of this thread ??????

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