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You are a riot ted.  Faux "Supposed" News is the ONLY News Station to EVER have a case of Lying go all the way to the Supreme Court. After being sued for lying, and the case working it's way through the courts, it ended up at the Supreme Court, where Faux attorneys actually argued that "LYING is a Form Of Protected Free Speech" and they won their case. Faux Founder Roger Ailes said "The people that watch Faux are either too lazy or unable to form their own opinions, so they allow Faux Commentators to form opinions FOR them" Roger Ailes also said "What you hear on Faux may, or may not be true, but why would I air something that doesn't agree with MY personal opinion"? Roger Ailes also said "From time to time, we will send a reporter out to the streets to ask "Every Day People" political questions. What the Faux viewers don't know is that these "Every Day People" are actually Faux Employees, and their answers were written in advance by ME" As I said ted, Faux "Supposed" News is the least credible news source on the planet, and keeps their viewers completely shielded from reality. You  only watch Faux because they tell you what you WANT to hear, which shouldn't be confused with facts.

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Man sexy stripper
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Kazralkis 12.07.2018
Stan? Is that short for satan?
Merr 22.07.2018
Maybe it wasn?t documented.
Dogis 27.07.2018
Lmao! That was a good episode. Burn your pants!!
Gardanris 04.08.2018
A Quaker? Damn. That's a first. Seriously.
Targ 10.08.2018
Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha!
Goltirisar 14.08.2018
Holocaust.Not even remotely Christian.
Daisho 23.08.2018
with tab "B" in slot "Y" i think so!
Faelabar 02.09.2018
Better NO group than only ONE---Christianity as always.
Julmaran 04.09.2018
Sure, it wasn't ruled by the Zulus or xhosa......empty...
Mogar 10.09.2018
What you looking for in Canada?
Kajile 11.09.2018
You are to good for this world ???????
Mazumuro 12.09.2018
You certainly CAN choose to have faith in God.
Neramar 19.09.2018
Learn how God regenerates lost limbs.
Nasho 22.09.2018
Its namaste, you must be from the boonies
Dizilkree 24.09.2018
oh my bad, what was the score??
Nisida 28.09.2018
Thanks Lantern and thanks for this nice Gif
Maushicage 06.10.2018
Is that dog smiling?
Maull 08.10.2018
Is Groothuis a Presuppositionalist?
Brarg 13.10.2018
nah she is way better
Mikami 16.10.2018
Nope, written 10 years AFTER his term as President.
Mausho 18.10.2018
He DID win. He is president last I checked.

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