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I do know more than you do. For example you ignore that your god El & Yahweh and his wife -Asherah- are of pagan origin. Read the Nag Hammadi library and the Ugaritic Texts as well as hundreds of books of scientists, archaeologists and clergymen who wrote books about it. When it suits you you accept those disciples in your creed, and when books reveal their "heretic" content, you disregard that! Very convenient indeed. You apparently ignore the polemic between Paul and Peter and how they both accused one another for their sermons and beliefs! No doubt the hundreds of heresies in the Hebrew-Chrestian creed! Even your name you have falsified as well as the name of your god and his wife Asherah in the Bible! Sic!

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Sex + tape + celebrity
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All сomments (17)
Mazuzahn 09.04.2018
More of your Christian musings
Nikosho 16.04.2018
liberal, Bigot and a heathen lMAO
Meztir 17.04.2018
Anyone can pretend to know what isn't truly real.
Kigazahn 25.04.2018
Their derangement, depravity and butthurt are legendary.
Kishicage 02.05.2018
Paul's audience were mostly conservatives
Mezilmaran 05.05.2018
Hi James, fine and you? Ty
Magal 08.05.2018
hahahahaahahaha i know :P
Faesho 12.05.2018
I don't believe your inquiry is genuine.
Arasida 23.05.2018
Godless foul mouthed heathens
Mezigrel 26.05.2018
Fine, stick with your delusion.
Kigalabar 29.05.2018
So what makes some holy and others not?
Gokree 31.05.2018
More hay for the autocratic cattle.
Tajas 09.06.2018
Hmmmm... Time for *Show and Tell*? ??????
Goltir 18.06.2018
According to an unproven book.
Taurisar 23.06.2018
Weapon to CONTROL masses.
Grokora 30.06.2018
Haha why thank you :)
Mebar 02.07.2018
How is that blaspheming against atheism?

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