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The life of a gay person

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Well, I can't argue with that both parties are, essentially, out to gain power and wealth for themselves, not for the average person.

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Yozshulkis 04.04.2018
Why do it during the National Anthem?Thanks for playing.
Meztigor 07.04.2018
" Cnn is crying about being heckled"
Meshura 10.04.2018
Oooo u also has a sassy angryface huh? ??
Kigalar 12.04.2018
That memo continue to be verified.
Vudor 22.04.2018
I acknowledged how it works.
Kam 25.04.2018
Here is their website
Dimuro 30.04.2018
Just the ones from Norway.
Torg 05.05.2018
?????? you Kno you wrong booboo
Magore 13.05.2018
Well, there is of course evidence, lots of it.
Vurn 19.05.2018
Don't be so quick in your smugness.
Kazirisar 28.05.2018
You upvoted me. Why?
Shaktizuru 30.05.2018
Knock off the complaining about my manners.
Moogull 06.06.2018
Use both eyes next time.
Tebar 12.06.2018
I?ll probably end up sleeping all day
Makora 14.06.2018
Of course... though not preferentially.

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