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The "platforms" may soon find out how costly it is to maintain their version of "free" speech. Violation of anti-trust laws is not a good business model when improper behavior is called out by the FTC or lawsuits are pursued by injured parties. The corporate bully behavior will not play well in the courts.

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Shamuro 07.05.2018
Unless they are confronted, up close, why would
Tojatilar 09.05.2018
I?m very sorry. That is crazy.
Kagul 12.05.2018
I'll make it simple:
Kazilar 15.05.2018
This is Obama's legacy
Shaktigar 18.05.2018
Some insurance companies already do that. Just sayin'. :)
Faejar 28.05.2018
I'm doin good today. Have a good rest brother.
Meztijas 03.06.2018
Homophobic? How not surprising
Vikus 10.06.2018
it will be our little secret!
Telabar 13.06.2018
I'm an armature writer too.
Mazuzuru 22.06.2018
Really? Science would disagree with you.
Mikajind 28.06.2018
Gillette wants to whitewash that aspect of history
Gacage 30.06.2018
These are not arguments that satisfy you.
Arabar 03.07.2018
Me miserable! Which way shall I fly
Kajitilar 07.07.2018
Obligation? lulz. I don't think you understand the word.
Nikokus 08.07.2018
C) God doesn't stay where He isn't welcome.

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