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Show me videos of breast feeding

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purpose implies either a reason or an intention right? I suppose that a cause (not necessarily intelligent for a universe would be the reason it exists, but that isn't the reason for which it exists. I give up, is Purpose a noun or a verb? regardless, it think purpose by any definition requires intent. so, I have to disagree with you. the universe doesn't have purpose, it is not conscious. this is really just a discussion of semantics though, your example of the purpose of the universe, doesn't actually constitute purpose in my understanding of the definition of the word. it implies more than simply what a thing does I thinks.

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Show me videos of breast feeding
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Dukree 30.06.2018
We don't miss him XD
Dashicage 01.07.2018
But shouldn't he own up to that and repent?
Samugami 09.07.2018
Therefore the information contained therein should be totally discarded?
Mirr 18.07.2018
Love mean of my name....
Mazujar 25.07.2018
This guy has it all wrong. IT'S THE RUSSIANS!
Akinozilkree 03.08.2018
Sure, you know better than Merriam-Webster's dictionary.
Babar 13.08.2018
Chill is the newer word replacing Cool .
Malamuro 13.08.2018
You are obviously unacquainted with Genesis 1and 2
Balmaran 15.08.2018
This is a neat thread isn't it.
Tygot 16.08.2018
Well I wouldn?t do that!

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