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It saddens me when people are so utterly convince they are right that they are prepared to force their will on others. It also saddens me when religions have so much power over governments that are supposed to be secular.

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Basho 30.06.2018
They can be very similar .
Sanris 07.07.2018
Take them cvm grano salis.
Mijinn 10.07.2018
Ditto if they are behind bars.
Akigul 16.07.2018
I'm so honored, Mr. Dog.
Malakinos 26.07.2018
Jane is telling JohnJ to go @&#% himself,
Faetilar 31.07.2018
Is Ain't in the dictionary
Gazuru 09.08.2018
Of course not, silly.
Mikahn 18.08.2018
"Turn in your swords!....Only samurai need swords!"
Tara 26.08.2018
Here comes the piling on .
Tejora 03.09.2018
They?re not journalists, they?re far-left performance artists.
Nigami 12.09.2018
Retired and relatively young
Vot 16.09.2018
Not pegged. That is why I asked questions.
Tojagal 23.09.2018
Let me ask you one question Rick.
Mezijar 02.10.2018
I thought Custer got his intel from Jack Crabb.

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