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And they began to demonize the heroic resistance as "terrorism." Then they got a stamp of approval from international gangsterism (NATO and UNSC.) US military continues to slaughter people there today in the name of defeating IS / "muslim extremism." This is the face of modern American imperialism. The anti-migrant hysteria is a way to turn the truth upside down about that.

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Dick thom dds nd
Dick thom dds nd
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Fegis 23.08.2018
"Should Muslims Be Allowed to Impose Sharia?"
Jukora 29.08.2018
OH, I get it now, you misunderstood me.
Kishura 06.09.2018
Have you visited India before
Doushicage 11.09.2018
That's fine, I stole it from the Patriot Post.
Mausho 15.09.2018
Thank you for clarifying.
Feshakar 19.09.2018
Post-Modern brand Low Fat Reductionist Fascism.
Jukora 29.09.2018
Pressing my phone ??
Maubar 08.10.2018
It has many good lines.
Musho 10.10.2018
Here's a pic for the guys, sexy police woman
Tebei 14.10.2018
So, they were solicited.
Vorn 23.10.2018
Correct on the recent awareness of DKS.
Mikazshura 31.10.2018
The point is, it HAPPENS NATURALLY.
Kanris 07.11.2018
Your god raped a 12 year old
Kagaran 15.11.2018
The document was written in 1968.
Tygonos 18.11.2018
Woah i don't take it that far
Tygoll 27.11.2018
So you are the only Christian? Okay
Fenritilar 29.11.2018
Why would there be a "turn around"?
Bralkis 04.12.2018
I am worlds biggest big 'O fan :)
Akitaur 14.12.2018
Thank goodness I did not do that.
Arashirr 16.12.2018
I?m a Disney fan.
Kiramar 22.12.2018
Where is the police force militarized?
Mat 26.12.2018
I have family too. And I have debating.
Mazuzil 30.12.2018 suddenly came over me!
Ducage 01.01.2019
Another simpleton, I see.
Kajijar 06.01.2019
If my employer allows it, it?s A-OK.
Yoshura 11.01.2019
Good morning my Disqus hero!!
Nishakar 17.01.2019
Correct. I love that movie

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