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I'm so old. I remember playing Zelda, King Kong, Paperboy, and Frogger as a teen. Played Mortal Kombat with older boys. And Wii sports with younger kids.

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Nall 11.04.2018
For Acosta Heckling is theraputic.
Dijar 13.04.2018
It would solve a lot of stupid problems.
Meztizragore 23.04.2018
Your reasoning isn't logical.
Tygosar 28.04.2018
Because they are not socialist nations.
Taular 06.05.2018
What about the others I've listed?
Sharn 09.05.2018
No problem. I want not to discuss personal matters.
Kajijas 12.05.2018
How is this evidence?
Shakat 13.05.2018
That's the great thing about unprovable conspiracy theories.
Dugar 23.05.2018
?????? bring it in boo ??????
Zololmaran 27.05.2018
Not in the narrative of the bible no.
Moogulkis 05.06.2018
HA! You claim diversion as YOU are diverting!!!!!!
Naramar 13.06.2018
Please do not contact me.
Shaktilar 24.06.2018
Can I borrow your funny glasses some time?
Dait 01.07.2018
Yes, I skip one instance in millions.
Akijin 03.07.2018
cough cough Bill Clinton lol
Tukasa 08.07.2018
How many bingo cards are you playing today? ;-)
Mezigrel 15.07.2018
She sounds like fun.
Bragis 21.07.2018
Those are stunning! I love it
Vudohn 22.07.2018
Don't have to bobbie. Everybody can read it.
Brazahn 31.07.2018
LOL!!!! Good one!!!!!!!! :)

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