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That wasn?t ?virtue signaling?. It was something this or any Canadian government should be expected to do as a bare minimum. Frankly, I?m disappointed we do a nickel?s worth of business with that country. F*ck ?em.

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Redhead in socks5
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Gacage 14.06.2018
Spoiler: No, he can't.
Moogukasa 22.06.2018
1. What's your sales pitch for Atheism?
Macage 28.06.2018
Mod comment: This is over the line.
Faerg 03.07.2018
Ok the 2nd one is funny
Yora 04.07.2018
NNU must be destroyed.
Juzahn 07.07.2018
Anybody's body is nobody's business. period.
Zulurn 13.07.2018
Republicans cannibalizing each other?
Arashigul 18.07.2018
Yes she definitely does.
Moogukasa 19.07.2018
Denunciation is empty space, aka hot air.
Kigalrajas 25.07.2018
"Islam is not a race"
Zulukora 02.08.2018
Lucky I've been out of school since 2003.
Nikogal 07.08.2018
That's nice . You work on Saturday too.
Zulubei 13.08.2018
Mocking you is exactly what makes me hilarious.
Kahn 20.08.2018
There's an owl in here.
Gokinos 26.08.2018
Return to your kindergarten...
Doumuro 30.08.2018
We have all kinds of limitations on religious freedom.
Mazulabar 09.09.2018
God is both mother and father.
Mikabei 15.09.2018
Formal term for babies? (9 letters = )
Kijas 24.09.2018
Bingo. He's a weevil.
Vujinn 25.09.2018
You are not spiritually dead, MBA.
JoJojas 02.10.2018
Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.
Dujind 12.10.2018
thanks so much dude
Tolkree 13.10.2018
"Qanon make sense of this for us!"
Yoktilar 23.10.2018
"Seriously you believe that CNN talking point?"
Fem 03.11.2018
Well, at least he's consistent?
Disar 09.11.2018
The Underwear Zoner position.
Yokasa 14.11.2018
Thanks! Meant every word ??

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