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Benefits Of Premarital Sex

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You defiantly brought more to the table then the mod who wanted to go off topic.

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Faecage 06.04.2018
How do you argue against that?
Malalmaran 07.04.2018
Ex-Spurts: absolutely ignorant drips under pressure.
Nikojora 11.04.2018
Yep. With fries and a shake. My last meal.
Taumi 16.04.2018
I really don't wanna argue with you about it.
Mezilmaran 25.04.2018
But he is a white male?!
Meztigrel 26.04.2018
"I've heard of Big Snowflakes but this is ridiculous."
Jushakar 07.05.2018
Yep, but not at the same time.
Mitaur 16.05.2018
Well damn. its like my dream come true.
Vurn 25.05.2018
R I.P. people need to stop committing suicide
Vigar 28.05.2018
It was one of my bettter ones.
Tojin 04.06.2018
so free speech... but only on your terms?
Moogugor 11.06.2018
Why is contraception wrong? No.
Tokus 15.06.2018
they are all over. like isis
Doubei 24.06.2018
Pretend what? Reality already agrees.
Mukora 24.06.2018
That can be a good motivation.
Maubei 03.07.2018
Screw them. Little jigs.
Goltigore 05.07.2018
Bears do not eat sh!t.

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