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You are ascribing to me opinions that I never expressed, and you draw conclusions that are far from my views. It's called strawman fallacy .

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JoJoran 10.04.2018
Spirits can type on keyboards?
Shaktidal 15.04.2018
A couple are in bed at their cottage.
Braran 18.04.2018
grammar check. the sentence should read...
Vijas 19.04.2018
Do a history re-check.
Yosida 25.04.2018
That's really the bare minimum one can ask.
JoJot 04.05.2018
Money rules; profits, shareholder dividends are given primacy.
Kazrakinos 08.05.2018
He. He is the Doctor.
Samusida 12.05.2018
No they do not.
Grole 19.05.2018
Internet here is sooo slow more pics to follow
Nabar 24.05.2018
You talking about your society in India?
Tausida 03.06.2018
Nobody is crying about you. Get over yourself.
Nara 08.06.2018
Only a conservative, paid by Russia, would say that.
Zulkigore 11.06.2018
Small adaptive It's evolution into new species.
Tojam 19.06.2018
That's what gets me is that humidity
Brashura 21.06.2018
Are you a devotee of Swamiji?
Dogrel 25.06.2018
This is a crappy case all around.

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