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Peeing boy whiskey decanter

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I remember the recall! I don't know why more people are not outraged at the expense imposed on California residents from the illegal population. They are so caught up in advocating for, "liberal causes" that they fail to consider the information with any reason or logic.

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Peeing boy whiskey decanter
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Fekasa 05.07.2018
Germany needs a Hitler to save it from islam
Meztir 09.07.2018
but they pay taxes too...Mmhhh...
JoJokora 17.07.2018
Which office allow bday holiday?:P
Daile 23.07.2018
Rhetorical questions don't require answers.
Faur 28.07.2018
Dam ---you beat me to it
Grohn 31.07.2018
Democrats then, Democrats today. LOL!
Samujinn 07.08.2018
no I was just making a snide comment.
Maumi 10.08.2018
So you think God has Kids?
Goltirr 18.08.2018
You are welcome, Grasshopper.
Tygok 27.08.2018
You're a LEO! Share your results with your friends!
Shakazragore 04.09.2018
Tea, reading, Work and Cooking..
Tojazuru 14.09.2018
Red hat? Don't own one.
Mabei 20.09.2018
Why do hypersensitive snowflakes even mention the article?
Gardagar 27.09.2018
Also, this is YET another false generalisation.

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