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The virgin is pregnant

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This can also be said of those who supported Clinton and the Democrat party in 2016 (#walkaway). If you pay close attention to Democrat politics and are able to read the "handwriting on the wall" you would know that Biden has already been designated as the 2020 nominee, the primary process is meaningless...the super delegate provision negates any real competitive outcome, especially since Biden doesn't have the baggage and unlikability that dogged the previous designee and having been part of the Democrat glory days of the Obama presidency, it will hopefully motivate and appeal to a segment of the base as a rebirth and second coming of the Obama years. I predict he will chose a VP running mate to provide a reinforcement to the illusion (Booker or Harris).

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Gunris 03.05.2018
Yeah, he fired her.
Arashijar 11.05.2018
You can't reason with a lunatic.
Mezibei 14.05.2018
She'll need a washcloth...
Shaktizil 23.05.2018
i do wont i??
Kazrajin 01.06.2018
Didn't you understand what I wrote before?
Kajikinos 11.06.2018
Thank you for sharing.
Tagul 21.06.2018
Lol no, it's extremely misleading ??
Dunos 24.06.2018
Now the results image holds true for me. :D
Melmaran 25.06.2018
Acosta wants his own show.
Faejind 30.06.2018
Don't know about this one.
Digore 05.07.2018
See below. They've been provided, they're just invisible apparently.
Yora 10.07.2018
I got the point, but unfortunately you missed mine.
Muzilkree 18.07.2018
Thanks RADMIL. This piece is absolutely incredible. ??????????
Vudom 29.07.2018
Her stockings are ok Ms.Catty?
Gakora 07.08.2018
Because there isn?t any confusion
Galmaran 11.08.2018
Definitely.! Take the midnight train to anywhere
Tenris 15.08.2018
Do you fall down a lot?
Tygotilar 25.08.2018
What you list expected starts happening in your life
Dagrel 01.09.2018
His staff did a great job.
Nimuro 07.09.2018
You know less than he does.

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