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2016 04 04 21 21 29

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Come on buddy all you have to do is know a little European history... don't have time to be your teacher right now.

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2016 04 04 21 21 29
2016 04 04 21 21 29
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Doujind 07.04.2018
All three mothers should be charged with child abuse.
Goltikinos 16.04.2018
He said God can. Not that god has.
Nikogore 23.04.2018
You're thinking agnostic, that would be without knowledge.
Groran 02.05.2018
All the ponies you can eat!
Mikataur 05.05.2018
Off course I want to listen your voice
Dujin 09.05.2018
1. Do we have enough popcorn?
Tautilar 12.05.2018
Convenient false comparison.angelic noble gays vs drug addicted
Tugul 17.05.2018
Is that what it sounded like I was saying?
Mesida 19.05.2018
Why should we be prideful of silly ideas ?
Tesho 25.05.2018
Billion of pounds of frozen pork are stacking up.
Kagajinn 02.06.2018
No way. Thats even more challenging. :D
Narn 06.06.2018
Not to screw all other beliefs.
Vur 08.06.2018
So why are you making homophobic comments?
Tojajas 15.06.2018
Kern 20.06.2018
...and the morons eat it right up.
Goltizshura 30.06.2018
You are quoting Jesus Christ.
Vogar 07.07.2018
How would it take away free will?
Gadal 14.07.2018
Science has helped more people than prayer.
Malagar 16.07.2018
Here is a poem on Smartphone Addiction..
Mikagul 18.07.2018
Dirty little bugger wonder what he is thinking....
Vurn 25.07.2018
good bye troll and your sock puppet

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