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There should be a carbon left yet it can be found which questions the present dating of those functions. There is been an ongoing fight with certain museum that has a full dinosaur skeleton and an outside concern has agreed to pay for carbon dating and they have refused multiple times. Why? You would dismiss the answer

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Of hot teen honeys
Of hot teen honeys
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Moogumi 10.04.2018
Well, I have to reject that position.
Tukinos 17.04.2018
LOL! Knowledge is faith ahahahaha see the ignorance dreezeez?
Tygogal 19.04.2018
Who are you quoting?
Nitilar 26.04.2018
Yes, Pragmatic, I understand now.??
Vudodal 30.04.2018
I didn?t call anyone racist.
Kigazragore 02.05.2018
How about this these
Vokasa 10.05.2018
You really can't help yourself huh Sly? Lmao

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