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No. My persistent MO is to make a comment directed at the essential issue in the OP, and spend the next hour watching people trying to address it by talking of peripheral issues.

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Mom sex movie galleries
Mom sex movie galleries
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Tozil 23.04.2018
I think they should be exempted for tax
Togore 30.04.2018
Republicans cannibalizing each other?
Melrajas 08.05.2018
OK, chum. Whatever makes you happy.
Faegar 12.05.2018
Jesus Fan Fic! :)
JoJozshura 22.05.2018
Latina booty > Other Booties
Malajora 29.05.2018
I'm not a true atheist, according to you.
Vojin 02.06.2018
There once was a wall in Berlin
Tulabar 06.06.2018
Fair enough good sir ??

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