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Sex with new bride

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Fallible parents ? Please explain what that is. Are you suggesting some religious notion like a fall of man or something? People are natural. Are we naturally fallible or just naturally immature but growing?

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Sex with new bride
Sex with new bride
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Gotilar 16.05.2018
Simply put: that's not your decision
Mulabar 22.05.2018
Which legal argument are you specifying there?
Marn 25.05.2018
ain't it the truth.
Yokora 05.06.2018
I would hope so.
Dugis 06.06.2018
"Sorry, Democrats?you lost. You suck. You?re all delusional."
Juran 15.06.2018
Only chain trump agreed on.
Tojataxe 23.06.2018
OK, but why would you advise against it?
Tygozuru 01.07.2018
I'll close the book after it's written.
Kigazahn 05.07.2018
A supernatural intelligent being.

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