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She watched as her daughters asshole

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These are only some of the differences among the various translations one can find in internet and I do not refer to the proper translation of the whole text.......

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She watched as her daughters asshole
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Dizuru 21.07.2018
Sounds as 'just because'.
Kikree 26.07.2018
Obama sends hopes and prayers to the ayatollah.
Kigakasa 29.07.2018
That's you staring at your giant Justin Trudeau poster.
Shakazuru 01.08.2018
Pretty graphic. Those same pic's were In that book.
Faek 07.08.2018
Then don't worry. I'm not worried.
Gardara 17.08.2018
It's a climate CYCLE.
Tosar 20.08.2018
Yes, it's a lie.
Kajilmaran 24.08.2018
with blue eyes, and a British accent.
Kajigrel 26.08.2018
"A push is not considered violent,"
Niran 28.08.2018
"You really love blurting out "wrong" don't you?"
Malashicage 31.08.2018
The wealthy, want to keep people down. Can't be......
Akitilar 01.09.2018
We don't shadow ban.
Nemi 11.09.2018
hope you having a good one too
Vudoll 18.09.2018
There were 15 reports Hillary purchased through November.
Mole 28.09.2018
life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.....duh
Kazranos 06.10.2018
I like my jesters, they are cool.
Akirr 10.10.2018
What women want I believe was the name
Kir 11.10.2018
He doesn't like them
Meztikinos 12.10.2018
You know you like that. Stop fronting.

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