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Interesting word (Apistevist). I had to look it up to understand the term, and it has merits as an alternative to Atheist. If nothing else, it might confuse those who just shoot from the hip (or indoctrination when shouting how immoral, confused, stubborn or angry we Atheists must be.

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Teen model forum diane
Teen model forum diane
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Douramar 11.07.2018
Also, could you provide an example?
Faukora 18.07.2018
Nah.........been there.....and back................just not with Candace...........yet..........
Meztile 20.07.2018
You?re always sad like me
Tygolabar 22.07.2018
Of what? The contents of your post?
Shakakazahn 31.07.2018
No. I am perfect and I know everything.
Doukasa 10.08.2018
Punctuation is not your strong suit.
Malalabar 11.08.2018
Trump is light years ahead of these jerkoffs.????????????
Fenrijar 13.08.2018
And you answered mine.
Meztilrajas 18.08.2018
Under 10,000 years old
Banos 26.08.2018
Forest fires happen ALL the time...????.
Mazumuro 27.08.2018
I look awful without them.
Dom 03.09.2018
seen him on youtube, quite amazing.
Daira 06.09.2018
I'm a Walter Payton fan
Araktilar 09.09.2018
:) Hi, D :)
Dour 19.09.2018
This pattern has wiped out civilizations.

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