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It's not Hillary or Trump's victory we are discussing here. It is the level of debate. I can point you to, say, certain Trump's t-shirts that go as far as revel in un-civility.

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Australia lily amateur girls
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Vudozshura 18.06.2018
Yes, take the credit.
Zuludal 19.06.2018
I great prophet wouldn?t lie, would he?
Mejind 21.06.2018
I think that's why he chose it
Tele 25.06.2018
Nothing much.. just talking to you.
Fenos 27.06.2018
Very ugly fake ass...
Feshura 06.07.2018
Not for the next 400 years, at least.
Nazahn 13.07.2018
I think Putin would prefer Florida anyway. Less bugs.
Tejin 19.07.2018
Doesn't seem like that
JoJolkree 20.07.2018
Then which god is angry with me?
Naramar 30.07.2018
Correct. They depend on Contracts, not your Feelings.
Shajinn 08.08.2018
Another member of Canuckistan
Akishura 18.08.2018
Time for you leftys to get a life.
Nikozahn 28.08.2018
Very wise words Tommy!
Grosho 05.09.2018
Another 'you' statement. I don't think you still understand.
Tell 11.09.2018
Oh that's nice.. so you going now :(
Dukasa 14.09.2018
I think we know that most dont choose that.
Memi 18.09.2018
Ed Brown 1911's, fast horses, bacon
Tesida 26.09.2018
Evidence just like everything else.
Kazrajinn 27.09.2018
surprise surprise, I DID
Gole 29.09.2018
I DON'T believe these things without hard evidence.
Samut 05.10.2018
wow, I would not endorse a public beheading,
Tam 15.10.2018
I think she?s your woman crush everyday? Lol
Dusho 18.10.2018
Have you ever heard this message before?
Dijas 26.10.2018
...and Borat was not a typical rural Kazakhstanian.
Diktilar 27.10.2018
frogs can't be gay.
Zolorisar 04.11.2018
use google, a helpful tool.
Meztizahn 06.11.2018
Maybe you should blame the spending, hypocrite.
Arashirisar 07.11.2018
Yeah... she?s quite the eye full.

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