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I believe the Teacher's Unions are happy to see the sex content of the curriculum deflecting what should be the real concern, students leaving the system uneducated! Graduates unable to self educate because they haven't actually been taught how to Learn! Test results mean nothing, grades mean nothing because no one can fail or be held back. So right from the start, intelligent students realize that the Education System is a farce. Those children lucky enough to have parents involved enough to motivate them will excel in spite of the lacklustre teaching they're receiving. Sex education will be learned in the schoolyard or the classroom. Fumbling around or knowing the facts is the choice.

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Neshura 17.06.2018
Go ahead you can sing, it is alright.
Grorr 20.06.2018
Jesus calls Him Father.
Yogor 22.06.2018
What does R&I TUS stand for?
Nimi 30.06.2018
Found you photo AI Parson - troll
Keshicage 06.07.2018
Not no evidence, that would be a guess.
Juzuru 08.07.2018
hahaha I want to meet hre.......can I meet her???
Gojar 14.07.2018
Billion of pounds of frozen pork are stacking up.
Mijinn 19.07.2018
Fat, Thick, Hard ??
Gardatilar 24.07.2018
Blocked because of stupidity from your part.
Kagajas 26.07.2018
Great thread lili, keep them coming.
Kecage 02.08.2018
I dont think I can take it. ....
Nat 03.08.2018
I hope you are exaggerating Rory.
Merisar 11.08.2018
Which was after Christians did just that for centuries.
Sakree 19.08.2018
The Church doesn't celebrate dates.
Kajizshura 28.08.2018
Christian science is an oxymoron.
Arashimi 07.09.2018
Yeah and I imagine voluptuous mermaids, but guess what?
Negul 13.09.2018
Both qualify as Canada's #1 Azzwipes ......
Nakasa 20.09.2018
Sadly that is not how it works.
Nejora 30.09.2018
where do I apply for my climate cash?
Dugami 09.10.2018
In a picture only disctionary..."Fagggot" and their mugs
Malajar 12.10.2018
Yes ,when i was young. Not for me.
Kiganris 18.10.2018
which is interestingly part of im-migrate. True though.
Tauzilkree 19.10.2018
No, they are not.
Shalkree 24.10.2018
They do. It?s not nonsense.
Jubei 02.11.2018
You think I'd post their info without their permission???
Aratilar 10.11.2018
That?s not evidence. that?s an attempt at an explanation.
Tujar 18.11.2018
And what you do is "productive" and "positive"?

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