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History has shown that every god belief is nothing more than cultural superstition.

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Jane S Adult Guide
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Gazilkree 10.04.2018
A subpoena is coming.
Zulkirr 12.04.2018
Morning Luv, how are you
Kegor 17.04.2018
Ha, deflecting again. Got ya
Nejin 21.04.2018
I am sharing a definition not defining something.
Faugal 24.04.2018
I am an anti-theist, but not by that definition.
Gardanris 29.04.2018
- Jacob-Israel's Wives Rachel & Leah Were Syrian.
Taujar 02.05.2018
Hmmm...why does it stink!?
Vojas 02.05.2018
Slexie, I agree !! LOL
Vudobei 12.05.2018
Glad you are doing homework
Kelkis 13.05.2018
Spare us the cheap, dishonest a posteriori.
Taujinn 18.05.2018
The entire world so far hasn't accepted Jesus either.

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