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That s so gay knock it off

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Another indication that the USA was widely considered the "leader" of the western world...

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That s so gay knock it off
That s so gay knock it off
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Mezikasa 13.04.2018
Mueller is going to indict 288 Australian Aborigines.
Tygolkree 23.04.2018
That is a lie in and of itself.
Naramar 26.04.2018
I think it's coming to a head.
Gotaxe 30.04.2018
Oh, I almost forgot this...
Tojagul 07.05.2018
maybe russia didn't hack this time.
Araramar 10.05.2018
Sex, gender call it what you like.
Voodoojind 13.05.2018
Yes, I wrote, ostracized, ridiculed and scorned.
Gardalabar 16.05.2018
Dam ---you beat me to it
Akik 17.05.2018
She owns the channel.
Gar 24.05.2018
Here it is known only to SDA members.
Gojar 03.06.2018
That was a SYSTEM.
Femuro 09.06.2018
Nope, religious morality is absolute. Religious belief is subjective.
Kinris 15.06.2018
Agree that other countries drop the ball on asylum
Kazranris 22.06.2018
Pffftttt... wasn?t that funny anyway.. no worries.
Yozshugul 25.06.2018
hahahaha Sound like fun...
Kaganris 02.07.2018
Sounds alike to the Mafia. Is Mafia a religion?
Shaktikus 09.07.2018
grey, muddied, not clear....diluted, displaced,
Voodooran 17.07.2018
How many years have you been a literary critic?
Gasida 27.07.2018
Do you like hockey?
Nimi 29.07.2018
No, they've passed that already.
Maular 01.08.2018
Can you show where you are getting your information
Tajind 10.08.2018
They recently opened in nyc 2 years ago
Akinoll 13.08.2018
Does this count as Godwin?s law by implication?
Vogul 16.08.2018
Which part mah dear
Kazralrajas 20.08.2018
Are there any other kinds? lol
Kishicage 22.08.2018
Wow... i love the spirit dear
Mazutilar 01.09.2018
It's a pretty literal presentation in all 4 gospels.
Dukazahn 11.09.2018
So do Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Maserati.

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