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Because "God" would have created knowing the express destiny of us all. We pretty much are unable to act in ways not designed by it. Even more bizarrely, billions of people think that these gods are willing to torture us forever for a nature we did not create and a life we did not ask for. Wouldn't the ultimate gift of freewill be the choice not to be? That is if your gods were fair minded and not the arseholes that we keep hearing about

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Teen caht search browse upload
Teen caht search browse upload
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Yozshumuro 15.08.2018
He translated your bible.
Goltishura 22.08.2018
How would you force them to work?
Doktilar 29.08.2018
Already did. Your excuses are growing old. You're afraid.
Arazshura 01.09.2018 couldn't refute it the first time either.
Midal 04.09.2018
Sometimes a banana is just a banana
Zulkigul 10.09.2018
Philippe I (Monsieur) would have found it tacky...
Mogami 20.09.2018
It has no effect of law.
Tojakree 28.09.2018
He's worried about his own skin.
Nikokree 04.10.2018
I see you are clueless.
Vozahn 11.10.2018
All you need is love!!
Mazujas 21.10.2018
Logic just stays wrong?

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