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Ad hominem is all you have, Eman. You can't back up your rhetoric. All you can do is spew vitriol. I am still waiting for you to post some links.

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Dailkis 09.04.2018
And why is that random to you?
Mozilkree 19.04.2018
Evolution. How did it skip you?
Mikat 28.04.2018
but you knew that, no?
Garr 02.05.2018
Like: gay couples are only in it for lust.
Mosar 09.05.2018
Wow, so that's scary stuff.
Gardalkis 11.05.2018
I will epidipnis. That's always good advice.
Kagasida 16.05.2018
Convert them to conservatism.
Taujind 24.05.2018
You have just fully described religion there mate
Tahn 01.06.2018
Oh you poor grubered lib. Sad for you
Shakagar 05.06.2018
if the divine shoe fits.
Aragar 14.06.2018
I scared her ??????
Zulkigami 22.06.2018
that link isn't about orgy island.
Tojasho 25.06.2018
"so that would suggest warming and cooling are natural,"
Shaktisho 27.06.2018
Rosie has, amongst other things, TDS. Trump Derangement Syndrome
Melabar 07.07.2018
You are the traitor, coward.
Mugul 16.07.2018
Jesus WON at the cross?
Ararr 17.07.2018
You have proof of demonic possession?
Kazragis 26.07.2018
The Pointy-Haired Boss is definitely not listening.
Tojak 05.08.2018
What lies are you talking about????
Voodoojas 15.08.2018
could you do it to someone irl thooo
Fenricage 16.08.2018
Katie Cassidy has some nice buns
Mazulabar 18.08.2018
yeah dats through, hou could you possibly know??
Dairisar 27.08.2018
I just found that one.
Yozshukinos 30.08.2018
The embassy rocked and saved a fortune.
Shakalabar 09.09.2018
Who searches the minds and hearts? God the Father?
Zulkizahn 19.09.2018
1000% true talk I agreed

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